Diploma in NLP

A NLP Foundation Program which gives you an Introduction to The Basic Concepts of NLP. To getting you to think about your own assumptions, we help you to set off in the right direction to get what you want out of your life. You know about setting compelling GOALS and achieving those along with fun. Get rid of unwanted disturbing memories. Balance your life and understand right investment of your precious energy.


You will learn to Align yourself with your Purpose & Set your Outcomes and plan each milestone to achieve it. Break your limiting beliefs and discover The Real You. Identify the unconscious Strategies you create and execute which results in your failure or procrastination. Learn to communicate more effectively and deal with others in all walks of your life viz. your professional or personal life as a parent, student, employee, manager/leader, colleagues along with what you get in Advance Diploma in NLP.


NLP FOR TEACHERS - Equip Yourself With The Tools To Entertain And Mesmerize Your Students. Learn the Top Secrets of Teaching Brilliance. Learn different strategies to teach your students to be brilliant in spelling, mathematics. Learn the secrets of building propulsion for learning. Build Great Memory.

advance diploma in NLP

Along with what you get in "Diploma in NLP", the content helps many things become clearer to you so that you can connect elegantly with all kinds of characters. You will find out all about noticing more of the world around you and how you can engage with it. You begin to master the skills of great communicators. Build Rapport on the fly.


Emotional intelligence, hope, mindfulness, and compassion help a person reverse the damage of chronic stress and build great leadership relationships. The Positive and Negative Emotional Attractors inspire sustained, desired change and learning at many levels. What is Resonant Leadership and the Neuroscience behind It. How to renew self. How to Coach with Compassion to Inspire sustained Leadership. Developing a Vision.


International Association of Professional Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists (IAPCCT)


The IAPCCT is the Global Network for NLP Professionals, Coaches, Counsellors, and Therapists.
IAPCCT encourages fellow members and training organizations to deliver their Training, Coaching & Counselling in a professional, responsible and congruent way.
The programs Classic NLP delivers are accredited under IAPCCT:-

•             Diploma in NLP (2 days)
•             Advanced Diploma in NLP (3 days)
•             Certified Practitioner in NLP (5 days) 

All our programs are endorsed by IAPCCT and certificates will bear the logo of IAPCCT as applicable.

Key Learning with Classic-Nlp

  • Confidence
  • Effective Rapport
  • Purpose in Life
  • Goal Setting
  • Become Limitless
  • Guest Lecture
  • Empowering Beliefs
  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Deal with Anxiety

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