What are you Winning?

What_are_you_WinningWoW! What a sunny day in winters where me and my friends and other school mates were playing and enjoying on lush green cricket park, waiting for our Coach to blow a whistle to signal all of us to get ready for the selection in different sports we participated in.

Yes, our school was such a fantastic institute which not only took care of the academics but also fostered the students on various curriculum activities viz. music, song, drama, debate and all other activities to be performed on a stage as well as all different sports like cricket, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, kabbadi, tug-of-war and athletics. We used to have a complete Annual Sports Week i.e. 7 days Sports Carnival with huge number of spectators to cheer up the participants.

Finally we all heard the whistle and all excited souls ran towards their respective shamiyana which were divided into multiple houses – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

This was the first day of the three preparation and selection days for the final participants in the Sports Carnival.

Started with tug-of-war and then few long jumps followed by few high jumps and then came the 100 meters sprint.

And with a loud voice our Coach said “ON YOUR MARKS….GET SET…..” and “BANG”….all 12 participants ran for securing their place in the next round. While all were giving their 100% on the tracks, one of the participants, David, started limping just post few meters, expressing huge pain and  seeing this our Coach rushed towards him to help and bring him on the resting bench and asked for some medical aid.

This David was very enthusiastic person and took part in almost all the events and other students were jealous about him.

The next day again there was a selection sprint for 100 X 4 relay and David was all set in the second position. The race started with a shot in air and David got the baton in hand in second place…David again ran for few meters and started limping and gave up the race. Coach again helped him and had some chat which we were not able to hear.

At the end of the day, David was feeling very bad and sad and was low on energy but his determination for the last day of selection was very high where he was participating in 200mts. sprint.

David prepared for that on the ground on the Day-2 and we all saw him giving all he had to take up the challenge the next day.

Then came the Day-3, the last day of selection for the Sports Carnival and no one expected David to show up as he was injured but David was all set and everyone was surprised to see him warming uip for the event. Few were 100% sure of David to get selected but few had a different opinion. We cheered for David and he ran, ran quite fast and was in first place till few meters but quite soon we saw 3 to 4 boys surpassing David and David again started limping and stopped running and sat on the track with all pain in his foot.

Our Coach again rushed towards him but this time with a cane in his hand and screamed on David to get up and run. David tried to convince the Coach but Coach did not lend him the ear and just insisted him to run. Meanwhile the race was over but still our Coach ensured that David completed the race.

Next day, David’s parents came to school and met the Principal and Coach about this incident where they thought it was Coach’s mistake where he asked the boy to run even with an injury.

Our Coach mentioned to David’s parents that David was limping on left foot but when asked about the injury, he mentioned the other foot and this happened two times in a row. The Coach also observed that whenever few boys surpassed David, David started limping. Our Coach said that he understood David’s psyche that David never wanted to be a looser and hence he found an excuse which could give him a way out. What was David winning in this game? These are small ways through which people install limiting behaviors and cultivate them, loosing all the games in a long run.

People will demonstrate all, through verbal and non-verbal modes of communication. It’s the job of the Coach to identify the limitations, beliefs and frame of mind to challenge and bring out the super hero hidden deep within each individual.What_are_you_Winning

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