YOU_ARE_BORN_WITH_RESOURCESIt was month of May or June 1981, the summer season, when your right brain comes out of its coma, telling you to look for the hidden calligraphic messages written in body hair. I still remember those summer vacations when we went to Kolkata, then called as Calcutta where my maternal uncle was working in a private firm. To me, as a tweenager, his 3 BHK flat in a skyscraper was a palace touching to the clouds, across the road, with a view of a football ground allowing aspiring footballers to upskill themselves in the art and a lake opposite to it where each evening there used to be a rowing race competition.

It was Sunday, and as the name suggests, it was a very hot sunny sweaty day where each one wants to stay at home, my elders had a different plan. They wanted to go out to enjoy Calcutta. We had one ambassador car and all tried to fit in one and that demands the kids to sit in the laps of the elders. With no air conditioner and hot breeze through the windows spoiled the complete mood but still I had to follow them.

In some time we reached Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden which has the largest Banyan tree in the world. It was a huge relief, as with so much plantation around, the breeze was cool and I could not feel direct sunlight on the body.

We were close to The Great Banyan tree where all the elders got busy in knowing the technical things about it like how old it was and which was the main trunk and how wide is that spread, while I was just amazed by the tranquility of this banyan forest which just plucked my spiritual strings and I was in my own world, in a trance and just was not able to hear any external sound and had a great experience which was something very new to me and this complete state was automatically anchored to me.

Today when I saw an invitation to the exhibition of bonsai plants with a photograph of bonsai banyan tree, I again experienced the same feeling and a thought came to my mind.

I see many banyan trees on roadsides, in office compounds but I never saw anyone taking care of those. These banyan trees grows on their own, going through various natural challenges of hot days, speedy winds, heavy rains and on top of it, no one to care of. They grow on their own, finding the required water and minerals from the soil by deepening their roots and growing to their full potential and their hanging branches finds their own roots in the earth to form another banyan tree. With this behavior, the Great Banyan Tree is still standing tall and wide even after couple of centuries and its gloriousness spread across 4 acers providing food for animals, mainly birds and is home for many of them as well and stopping soil erosion i.e. keeping the fundamentals intact.

Today, when I meet many people around, I listen to their failure stories with lack of external resources as the main failure reason. I wonder how a tree with no brains can find the optimum resources required, on its own, not only to grow to its full potential but to help its branches become another full matured trees.

We humans are made up in such a wonderful way and a power to think and act provides as much more potential to grow and support others compared to anyone else in this universe. But with all the external nurturing and securities provided from all around, we just become a small plant in the flower pot which is small and yields seasonal flowers with a limitation.

Can YOU transform from a small plant in a flower pot to THE GREAT BANYAN TREE?

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