You Can Fly!


I woke up and found myself in a deep valley surrounded by huge tall mountains from all the sides. No human, no animal, no bird…no air…no sign of life around….it was so scary. I ran all around to see any escape from this place but found nothing. I was getting frustrated and frightened. For the moment I lost all hopes and dropped myself on the ground…looking at sky, counting my time i saw an eagle flying high above the mountain and I had a spark in my eyes. The only thing which could get me out from that place was a skill to fly…I tried using my hands as wings….flapped the wings vigorously but was not able to move. I kept trying hard with only purpose to be free and explore the world outside, but was not getting a success and when i was about to give up, I heard a whisper of breeze in my ears that i could do it and with that a hot swirl of wind drove me like a dust particle….i was floating in air and I started using my hands and legs as wings and was swimming in the air, thrusting myself up. The more my wings flapped the more I moved towards the sky.  All of a sudden the wind stopped and i was sinking down again….i kept flapping my wings even with more passion and I managed to keep myself floating and gradually moving towards the sky.  As I was consistently doing this, it became part of me and I was flying freely and enjoyed this flight and reached to the zenith from where I could see the beautiful world with greenery all around, colorful flowers….….hear the melodious sounds of birds flying around……..feel the fresh air breeze and sun rays against my skin…..a total feeling of freedom and achievement…….enormous confidence flowing within as now I was aware of my potential due to the results of the consistent actions which I took…..a great belief in myself….wow what a wonderful feeling…..

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