Do I have A Role Model?

Recently I was walking out from a movie theater after watching a movie, I noticed a small boy modelling the hero he just watched in that movie, speaking his dialogues, copying his accent, walking like him and while I looked at him I went to my own childhood where I used to do the same, act as the hero of the last movie I watched for few days till I got something else on my mind or any next movie. I now realize that we pick up a role model unconsciously and act like that even now, at any age. At a matured age, are we not a mix of all the role models in our life? Who were they?

May be this is not so important now to ponder upon but who you want to be is more crucial. What you want to achieve this year or quarter.

If someone can do it, anyone can do it

he moment you consider this to be true, things do change.

Who is that someone? If you have identified that “someone”, you can take that as your role model and act like him/her.

“Change your physiology, change your psychology

Change your movement, change your brain”

And the great thing about this is that you don’t have to be that “someone” forever, but for the time you achieve what you want to…it may be happiness, recovery from something you have gone through, a taskmaster to complete an important project, a trainer to develop a team…a father or a mother to take care of the child or a son or a daughter to look after parents….whatever is on top priority for you…and the surprise is that you do it all the time unconsciously. What if today you consciously decide this new way to be, to accomplish something?

We all had our own New Year Resolutions <> and there might be something which is still left to be achieved. What is that and who has done that before?

Can we use this last quarter of this year to get things moving in a new way of achieving things?

Rip off the greats, and the goods as well. Mimick and make it your own. Try and err. (Leo Babauta)

Did Eklavya model Guru Dronacharya?

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