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Do I have A Role Model?

Recently I was walking out from a movie theater after watching a movie, I noticed a small boy modelling the hero he just watched in that movie, speaking his dialogues, copying his accent, walking like him and while I looked at him I went to my own childhood where I used to do the same, act as the hero of the last movie I watched for few days till I got something else on my mind or any next movie. I now realize that we pick up a role model unconsciously and act like that even now, at any age. At a matured age, are we not a mix of all the role models in our life? Who were they? May be this is not so important now to ponder…
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It’s a New Year and it’s time to make a difference

One more year has passed away and we are entering into the all new fresh New Year-2019. How inspiring was your 2018? Were you able to realize the dreams which you saw at the beginning on 2018? If not, where did you miss? What were your New Year Resolutions last year? Did you stick to your plan? Each year, by the end of the year we all set the NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS and as the new year starts, we start taking huge steps towards the set outcome with full energy and enthusiasm………and in some days we loose it and ultimately give up. Do we remember the resolutions we had last year? We don’t. So today, when we are moving towards the very new fresh year – 2019, let us introspect that why do we…
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CHALLENGING SELF – Looking for Chance v/s Making The Change

Challenging Self to me is pushing my own limits, doing something which I have never done before. Challenging Self is to participate or push self in a situation where one needs to prove capabilities & skills. So when did you last challenge yourself? Or in fact ask this question to yourself: “When did I last challenge myself? When did I cross my own imaginary boundaries? When was the last time when I did more than what was required or demanded?” If you get the answers to these questions then you need to verify with few evidences in place. And the biggest can be to know that what transformative change you observed in self in last five years. And if you don’t see any transformative change in self, don’t worry, what has happened has happened…
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Every individual or an organization, small or big, goes through small changes every now and then at an unconscious level. But to keep yourself or the organization in a leading position in the marketplace, a transformational change is very much required. This transformational change asks for a complete re-wiring of the system. For an individual, this re-wiring involves change in basic habits, realignment of values, learning new skills, developing new capabilities, acquiring new behaviors and frequently exhibiting them and creating an environment around which helps and supports to grow with altogether new culture. Same goes for an organization but becomes more challenging as it has to be through many individuals. This change can be exciting, pleasurable, joyful, energetic, life giving, supportive, promoting, blessing etc. for someone whereas it can be disgusting, frustrating,…
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You can build rapport easily…do you know how?

Have you ever experienced or witnessed a conversation where two persons are sharing same point of view but still not in sync? Do you find it difficult in getting customers to listen to you in challenging situations? Have you ever experienced that a customer does not understand what you say and instantly agrees to the same when a colleague conveys the same message? This all happens when you are not in rapport with the person you are talking to and if you relate yourself with the situations which I talked about, than this article will definitely help you to unleash the resources which you have, to build rapport on the fly. Rapport is build when one feels a sense of commonality. RAPPORT IS A STATE OF HARMONIOUS UNDERSTANDING WITH ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL…
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What are you Winning?

WoW! What a sunny day in winters where me and my friends and other school mates were playing and enjoying on lush green cricket park, waiting for our Coach to blow a whistle to signal all of us to get ready for the selection in different sports we participated in. Yes, our school was such a fantastic institute which not only took care of the academics but also fostered the students on various curriculum activities viz. music, song, drama, debate and all other activities to be performed on a stage as well as all different sports like cricket, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, kabbadi, tug-of-war and athletics. We used to have a complete Annual Sports Week i.e. 7 days Sports Carnival with huge number of spectators to cheer up the participants. Finally we…
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Competition Creates More Opportunities

How do you feel when you meet your best buddy from college after 20 odd years? Most exciting and amazing experience and so joyful which can just be felt. Right? It happened to me few days back when I was looking for a good pair of shoes in a mall, I heard someone calling my name but from where, I was clueless. I turned around twice to identify but I could not find anyone known to me. Then someone tapped on my shoulder and I looked up and asked “Yes, are you looking for someone or some help?” He laughed and said he was looking for his friend from college whose name is Deepak Vyas. I got a hint that he was someone from my college but after 20 odd years, his face changed…
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It was month of May or June 1981, the summer season, when your right brain comes out of its coma, telling you to look for the hidden calligraphic messages written in body hair. I still remember those summer vacations when we went to Kolkata, then called as Calcutta where my maternal uncle was working in a private firm. To me, as a tweenager, his 3 BHK flat in a skyscraper was a palace touching to the clouds, across the road, with a view of a football ground allowing aspiring footballers to upskill themselves in the art and a lake opposite to it where each evening there used to be a rowing race competition. It was Sunday, and as the name suggests, it was a very hot sunny sweaty day where each one…
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You Can Fly!

I woke up and found myself in a deep valley surrounded by huge tall mountains from all the sides. No human, no animal, no bird…no air…no sign of life around….it was so scary. I ran all around to see any escape from this place but found nothing. I was getting frustrated and frightened. For the moment I lost all hopes and dropped myself on the ground...looking at sky, counting my time i saw an eagle flying high above the mountain and I had a spark in my eyes. The only thing which could get me out from that place was a skill to fly…I tried using my hands as wings….flapped the wings vigorously but was not able to move. I kept trying hard with only purpose to be free and explore the…
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