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Do I have A Role Model?

Recently I was walking out from a movie theater after watching a movie, I noticed a small boy modelling the hero he just watched in that movie, speaking his dialogues, copying his accent, walking like him and while I looked at him I went to my own childhood where I used to do the same,
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Every individual or an organization, small or big, goes through small changes every now and then at an unconscious level. But to keep yourself or the organization in a leading position in the marketplace, a transformational change is very much required. This transformational change asks for a complete re-wiring of the system. For an individual, this re-wiring
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What are you Winning?

WoW! What a sunny day in winters where me and my friends and other school mates were playing and enjoying on lush green cricket park, waiting for our Coach to blow a whistle to signal all of us to get ready for the selection in different sports we participated in. Yes, our school was such a
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It was month of May or June 1981, the summer season, when your right brain comes out of its coma, telling you to look for the hidden calligraphic messages written in body hair. I still remember those summer vacations when we went to Kolkata, then called as Calcutta where my maternal uncle was working in a
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You Can Fly!

I woke up and found myself in a deep valley surrounded by huge tall mountains from all the sides. No human, no animal, no bird…no air…no sign of life around….it was so scary. I ran all around to see any escape from this place but found nothing. I was getting frustrated and frightened. For the moment I
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