NLP for Teachers

Please find below highlights of the program:


  • The Challenges of Education Today
  • The Solution to Successful Teaching
  • The Educational Model of NLP
  • The Building Blocks of NLP Applied to Learning
  • Building Strategies – Developing the Desire for More Learning
  • Teach Anyone to Read & Spell
  • Memory Strategies
  • Strategies for Mathematics & The Magic
  • Highly Effective Classroom Teaching
  • Strategies of A Highly Effective Teacher
  • Winning Over Your Students



With an aim to reach the masses, Diploma in NLP / Advanced Diploma in NLP / Certified Practitioner in NLP are run under Social Responsibility for community development. Hence the charges for our programs are to cover the venue, lunch, tea/coffee, material charges. You have the option of taking up certification along with the training by paying certification charges separately. If you feel you want to just be a part of the program and undergo transformation, you have the choice to do so by paying for the operational expenses.

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